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 Thank you for your interest in one of our properties! Below is a link to our online application. The cost is $39.95. 



Take note of the Tenant Screening Criteria and ensure that you meet the criteria before proceeding.

A blank copy of the lease we use is available. Please feel free to download and review as you wish.

Finally, there is a short list of clauses that we include in all leases. Please ensure that you are agreeable to these additional items before completing an application. 




All tenants must:

  • Be non-smokers

  • Earn a minimum of 3 times the rental amount per month before taxes

  • Pass a credit check

  • Pass a rental history check

  • Pass a criminal background check


  Once you submit your application, it will be sent to me, along with a criminal background check, credit check, and eviction history within about 5 minutes or so.


I am usually able to approve applications the same day they are received.

   Once approved, and the security deposit received, the lease is prepared and signed electronically. Again, often this is able to be done the day of approval.

   Thank you so much for your interest in one of our apartments. I look forward to working with you!

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